Financial Aid Application

Financial Assistance is available on a limited basis for those members who complete the Financial Aid Application and submit the required documentation supporting the need for financial assistance.  

While Financial Aid will contribute to some of the cost associated with the Total Club Fee it will NOT cover ALL of the cost associated with playing for PTFC.  Members and Families applying for Financial Aid will still be responsible to pay for any remaining balance after financial aid is awarded, the cost of uniforms, personal travel expenses throughout the season, and the cost for any additional tournaments or any additional leagues the team may qualify for outside of NCYSA.  Financial Aid recipients must also remain in good standing with PTFC and regularly attend training and games.  

All Financial Aid requests will be handled online through the playmetrics app.  Please follow the steps below:  

  • If requesting Financial Aid you must complete the team registration process through the playmetrics app. 
  • Once you have reached the payment plan option of the team registration process choose the "Financial Aid Request" payment option to complete team registration.  The full Initial payment is required to complete this process.
    • Once you have completed the team registration process and made the initial payment, your Financial Aid request is still not finalized. 
  • The next step is to complete the Online Financial Aid Application.  The application can be found by logging into your PlayMetrics account, clicking on the “Club Programs” module on the left hand side and then the "Financial Aid" tab near the middle/top of the screen. A blue REQUEST FINANCIAL AID button will appear at the very top right corner.  Click that button to fill out the Financial Aid form.  If you have any trouble, please use the link below for help or contact our club admin Lauren Olive,  

How to request Financial Aid


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