PTFC Season Club Fees & Dues

PTFC 2022/2023 Season Fees:  Click Here


Description of Fees:

  • The Initial Payment is a non-refundable payment due at the time of initial team registration.  This payment will act as your team acceptance for the year securing your spot with the team which you have been selected.  Fees associated with this cost include but are not limited to:  
    • League Fees, Insurance costs, NCYSA Player Registration Fees, PTFC Administrative Costs
  • Yearly Club Fees may be paid in full or by monthly payment plan starting the month after team acceptance.  Monthly payments are due on the 15th of each month.  The Monthly payment options are:
    • Girls Teams 16U-19U:
      • Payment in Full
      • 6 Month Payment Plan
      • 7 Month Payment Plan
    • Girls Teams 15U:  
      • Payment in Full
      • 6 Month Payment Plan
      • 7 Month Payment Plan
    • Boys Teams 11U-19U:  
      • Payment in Full
      • 6 Month Payment Plan
      • 7 Month Payment Plan
    • Pre-Academy & Youth Academy:
      • Payment in Full
      • 7 Month Payment Plan
  • PTFC Yearly Club Fees Include
    • Coaching and Coaches Travel
    • Player Development and Goalkeeper Training
    • Winter Agility Sessions
    • Tournament Entry Fees
      • (3) 11U-12U
      • (2) 13U-14U
    • Referee Fees
    • Field and Facility Maintenance
  • PTFC Yearly Club Dues DO NOT INCLUDE:
    • Uniform Cost or any other team gear
    • Personal Travel Expenses
    • Additional Tournaments 
    • Elite Tournament Series (click for more info)
    • Any additional fees associated with participating in leagues other than NCYSA (ie. National League Piedmont Conference)


Financial Aid

  • Financial Assistance is available on a limited basis for those members who complete the Financial Aid Application and submit the required documentation supporting the need for financial assistance.  

    While Financial Aid will contribute to some of the cost associated with the Total Club Fee it will NOT cover ALL of the cost associated with playing for PTFC.  Members and Families applying for Financial Aid will still be responsible to pay for any remaining balance after financial aid is awarded, the cost of uniforms, personal travel expenses throughout the season, and the cost for any additional tournaments or any additional leagues the team may qualify for outside of NCYSA.  Financial Aid recipients must also remain in good standing with PTFC and regularly attend training and games.  

    To apply for Financial Aid follow this link:



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