2017/18 Season Coaching Assignments

2017/18 Coaching Assignments




  Boys Teams     Girls Teams  
Age Group Team Level of Play Coach   Team Level of Play Coach
07 Black Classic Open Mark Vollink   07 Lady Black Classic Open Jennifer Cristy
07 White Classic Open Corbin Waller   07 Lady White Classic 2nd Katie Roberts
07 Silver Classic 2nd Andy Purcell   07 Lady Silver Classic 2nd TBD
07 Bronze Classic 2nd/Select Von Allen        
06 Black Classic Open Chris Day   06 Lady Black Classic Open Keith Fontaine
06 White Classic 2nd Scott Hoots   06 Lady White Classic 2nd Mary Vollink
05 Black Classic Open Luke Jamroz   05 Lady Black Classic Open Ron Talley
05 White Classic Open Nick Pizzino   05 Lady White Classic 2nd Lorenzo Rodriguez
05 Silver Classic 2nd Chris Barrett        
05 Bronze Classic 2nd TBD        
04 Black NC Premier Josh Windley   04 Lady Black NC Premier Keith Fontaine
04 White 1st Division Adam Storm   04 Lady White 2nd Division Mary Vollink
04 Silver 2nd Division Andy Purcell        
04 Bronze 2nd Division TBD        
03 Black Region 3 Premier Chris Day   03 Lady Black 1st Division Harry Sherwood
03 White 2nd Division Adam Ross   03 Lady White 2nd Division TBD
03 Silver 2nd Division Nick Pizzino        
02 Black NC Premier David Upchurch   02 Lady Black 2nd Division Rustin Thomas
02 White 2nd Division Taylor Olive   02 Lady White 2nd Division Austin Beck
02 Silver 2nd Division Adam Storm        
01 Black 1st Division Travis Morris   01 Lady Black NC Premier Marty Beall
01 White 2nd Division Austin Beck   01 Lady White 1st Division Mark Vollink
01 Silver 2nd Division Taylor Olive        
00 Black 1st Division Scott Reitnour   00 Lady Black 1st Division David Upchurch
00 White 1st Division Rustin Thomas   00 Lady White 2nd Division Chris Barrett
00 Silver 2nd Division Chris Barrett        
99 Black NC Premier Josh Gillon/Josh Windley   99 Lady Black Region 3 Premier Brandi Fontaine
99 White 1st Division Chris Day   99 Lady White 1st Division Harry Sherwood