Youth Academy

PTFC Season has started, but we are still accepting new players! Please click here to register for an Assessment.

  • Youth Academy (U8 - U10)
    • For players born in 2011, 2012, & 2013 (for 2020-2021 season)
    • Season: 11-12 weeks in the Fall & 11-12 weeks in the Spring
      • Fall: Late August - Late October/Early November
      • Spring: February - Early May
    • Training: 2 Sessions a week
      • Monday & Thursdays; 6-7:30 PM 
      • Training sessions are held at Ivey Redmon (Kernersville) & Phillips Park (High Point).
      • Summer Sessions: 2-3 1 hour sessions offered in late July or August
      • Winter Sessions: 2-3 1 hour sessions offered in December or January
    • Games: 7-8 play dates in the fall & 7-8 play dates in the spring (ideally 2 games per date, but some clubs only offer 1)
      • We will play against other local clubs (in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington, Mebane, & North Charlotte)
    • Program Cost: $900 (for the entire year)
    • Assessment Fee: $40 (No Assessment Fee for returning PTFC players)
    • Uniform Fee: $122 + taxes & shipping. (Player's returning for 2019-2020 season do NOT need a new uniform)



Players interested in Youth Academy need to go through the Assessment process. For more info & to register for the upcoming assessments please click here



Our Youth Academy Training System is designed to maximize the opportunity for each player to develop and succeed at the appropriate level. To help facilitate individual growth, our coaching staff uses aspects of both pool training and team-building. This enables our coaches the freedom to move players and structure teams from week to week to ensure each player is placed in the right learning environment.  We follow the Play-Practice-Play model put in place by US Soccer.

What does my player need at every session?

  • Size 4 soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats
  • Shin guards
  • Water bottle

What is the game format?

  • Youth Academy plays 7v7 (6 field players + 1 goalkeeper).
  • Players are moved to different positions & everyone will be rotated to goalkeeper.
  • Playing time is guaranteed and is kept as even as possible.
  • Teams are gender specific.

Can my player join the program if we missed assessments?

If your player misses the scheduled assessments, please contact our Youth Academy Director: Carter Robbins, to find out about the Make-Up Assessment Date or see it's possible to join the program.


Still have questions? Contact our Youth Academy Director: Carter Robbins for more information on our Youth Academy program. 

Youth Academy 2020-2021 Calendar

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